The Trial Department consists of one Supervisor and three trial department clerks. This Department is responsible for assigning cases, and making sure all files are sent to the Court in which cases are assigned on a day-to-day basis. Each employee in this department is responsible for the Motion Lists, Trial Lists, and the scheduling and re-scheduling of cases for a particular Judge.

If you have any questions regarding scheduling or need to re-schedule a case, please refer to our “Scheduling” page and contact the Clerk assigned to your Judge. A Quick Chart is listed below for a reference

If you would like to have a case sent to Brockton for viewing, please let the Trial Department Clerk know by calling the Plymouth office at least one day in advance.

Quick Chart to Contact a Trial Department Clerk

Judge Ass’t Judicial Case Manager Trial Department Clerk Telephone Numbers
Judge Sabaitis David Nolan Dennis Rush-DiGravio (508)747-6204 ext. 8500
Judge Menno Mary Looney Dennis Rush-DiGravio (508)747-6204 ext. 8500
Judge Boyle Cindy  Gates Suzan Lunetta (508)747-6204 ext. 8487
Judge Roberts Claudia Magnus Suzan Lunetta (508)747-6204 ext. 8487