The Lawyer of the Day Program is a program that provides indigent pro se litigants with legal assistance.   The program is open in the Plymouth Courthouse and in the Brockton Courthouse each business day from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Attorneys volunteer their time to assist pro se litigants, but do not represent the litigants in court.  The Court is grateful for the efforts of the many attorneys who participate in this extremely valuable program. 

The Court extends special thanks to all attorneys who have participated in the Lawyer of the Day Program.  Their outstanding service to the public continues the rich tradition of members of the bar in assisting those in need.  Attorneys who have contributed their time and effort in 2013 include:


Raymond Arabasz Kevin Flannigan Barbara Nason
Adam Avratin Henry Furman Nicole Norkevicious
Michael Azzara William Gillespie Michael Nuesse
Philomena Barboza Bledar Gora Anna Osterburg
Ilene Belinsky Laurie Grant James O’Sullivan
George Boerger Robert Greenglass Robert Pellegrini
Marguerite Brackley Carolan Hardy John Perenyi
Andrew Burbine Arthur Hassett Kevin Phillips
John Cannavo Paul Healey Sonya Posey
Lisa Carlson Melanie Hodge Anthony Provenzano
Colleen Carroll James Holden Bruce Raphel
Timothy Ciaffoni Bettina Holton Jason Rawlins
Daniel Ciccariello Caroline Hughes Marie Reidy
William Clary Christian Homsi Kerry Rubin
Paul Clancy Maureen Hurley Susan Ryan
Tom Cleary Stuart Ivimey Rodney Schonland
Amber Cohen Alan Kaplan Frank Spillane
Anita Comerford Susan Klebanoff Charles Stevenson
Mary Kate Connolly Daniel Kudzma Diane Stewart
Edward Conroy Deidre Kulevich John Studley
Connie Crosby Mary LaCivita Christopher Sullivan
Sheila Curran Gina Leahy John Sullivan
Peter Dansereau Patricia Lennon Paul Sweeney
Lee Darst Ann LoDolce Gary Thomas
Jennifer DiGregorio Jeanne MacLaren Kristin Vokey Muratore
Theresa Dillon-Woods Michael Malloy Janet Wallace
Geoffrey Domenico Michael Martin Daniel Walsh
Brian Donahue Pamela Marshall Veronica Whelan
Anthony Donegan Ryan Matthews Mellisa White
Martin Drilling Fred McDermott Jan Whiting
Bryan Duggan Rick McLeod Ronald Whitney
Holly Dyar Candice McKenna-Imlach Joshua Wood
Lyn Erickson Edward McVinney Gwynne Zisko
Ashley Evirs C. Eric Mercer Lisa Zuckerman
Jennifer Fearnley Martha Morrill David Zwicker
Karen Fisher Doris Muirhead


The Lawyer of the Day Program is administered by Pilgrim Advocates, Inc., 144 Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301.  Any attorney who wishes to take part in this extremely worthwhile program should contact Executive Director Debra Scollins at (508)583-6966.

Members of the public who wish to utilize this invaluable service are advised to contact the courthouse in the morning after 8:30 a.m. to insure that an attorney will be present that day.  On limited occasions, an attorney’s schedule gets interrupted by critical demands on their time and they are unable to be present. 

Brockton courthouse (508) 897-5400

Plymouth courthouse (508) 747-6204