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The Probation Department of the Probate and Family Court provides dispute intervention and investigative services in cases involving the care and custody of children and other domestic relations matters. The Probation Department also administers the Seek Work Program which assists unemployed persons to obtain employment. Probation Officers also monitor cases involving drug and alcohol abuse in which the court has ordered drug and alcohol testing. The Probation Department also monitors guardianships with the Department of Social Services.

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Listed below are the names of the Probation Officers at the Plymouth County Probate and Family Court.
Chief Probation Officer:

  • Michael LaFrance

Assistant Chief Probation Officers:

  • Jean Stewart
  • Julie Bennett
  • Probation Officers:
  • Maureen Dunn
  • Richard Giaquinto
  • Stephen Harrison
  • Daniel Worrall
  • Eric Gable
  • Laurie Plante
  • Alan Brown
  • Jamie Muscarello

Associate Probation Officer:

  • Caitlin Costa