When might your case be heard? Click below for Easy Charts and information for Individual Calendars, Schedules, and Contact personnel.

General Assignment Schedule

As a General rule each Judge is assigned to Plymouth for one week per month, with the exception of Judge Meagher, who is assigned to Plymouth every week.

First week – Judge Boyle (2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks – Brockton)

Second week – Judge Stanton (1st, 3rd, 4th weeks – Brockton)

Third week – Judge Roberts (1st, 2nd, 4th weeks – Brockton)

Fourth week –  Judge Connelly (1st, 2nd, 3rd weeks – Brockton)

Fifth week – Judge Roberts

Contact Information

Pursuant to Probate and Family Court Standing Orders 1-06 and 1-04, scheduling of most court events is now done by the court.  The major exception is motions, which are scheduled by the moving party on the assigned Judge’s Motion day.

Any questions about a scheduled event should be directed to the Registry, or to the Sessions Clerk or Assistant Judicial Case Manager for the assigned Judge.

The contact persons for each Judge are listed below.

Judge Judge Boyle Judge Connelly Judge Roberts Judge Stanton Judge Meagher
Sitting Ass’t Judicial Case Manager Cindy Gates David  Nolan Caitlin Sullivan Mary Looney Claudia Magnus
Judicial Secretary Michelle Lanoue Juawana Bostic-Jones Kim Foley Patricia Currie
Sessions Clerk


Contempt cases are assigned by the Registry.

Check the chart below to see when your assigned Judge might be hearing your Contempt.

Judge Judge Boyle Judge Roberts Judge Stanton Judge Connelly
Monday Contempts  –
Tuesday Contempts
Wednesday Contempts
Thursday Contempts

Pre-Trial Conferences

Pre-Trials are scheduled by either the Registry Clerks or the Sessions Clerks.  Some Judges only have 3 Pre-trials scheduled for a particular day, and will then hear other matters, while other Judges will hear pre-trials all day at 1/2 hour intervals, hearing up to 12 Pre-trials per day.

You should make every effort to attend your Pre-Trial Conference.  If you need to re-schedule your pre-trial date and your date is within 30 days, you MUST file a Motion and give all parties notice.  Generally, if you need to re-schedule your pre-trial date and the date is more than 30 days away, it is possible to re-schedule this date administratively.  Please check with your Assistant Judicial Case Manager or Sessions Clerk for any re-assignments.


If you receive a Trial Notice in the mail, you should make every effort to keep that assignment.  A Trial Date will only be re-scheduled by Motion.  You must file the motion and give proper notice to all parties to re-schedule a Trial Date.