The Lawyer of the Day Program is a program that provides indigent pro se litigants with legal assistance.   The program is open in the Plymouth Courthouse and in the Brockton Courthouse most business days from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Attorneys volunteer their time to assist pro se litigants, but do not represent the litigants in court.  The Court is grateful for the efforts of the many attorneys who participate in this extremely valuable program. 

The Court extends special thanks to all attorneys who have participated in the Lawyer of the Day Program.  Their outstanding service to the public continues the rich tradition of members of the bar in assisting those in need.  Attorneys who have contributed their time and effort in 2018-2019 include:

Adam Avratin

George Boerger

Marguerite Brackley

Susannah Brown

Andrew Burbine

Aylene Calnan

John Cannavo

Lisa Carlson

Colleen Carroll

Susan Castleton Ryan

Daniel Ciccerello

Amber Cohen

Sheila Curran

Peter Dansereau

Lee Darst

Theresa Dillon Woods

Martin Drilling

Holly Dyar

David Edge

Lynn Erickson

Kevin Flannigan

Henry Furman

Mary Kate Geary

William Gillespie

Jennifer Gonzalez

Laurie Grant

Arthur Hassett

Paul Healy

Melaney Hodge

Bettina Holton

Christian Homsi

Erica Jacobsen

Anna Klimas

Tamari Kovach

Deidre Kulevich

Patricia Lennon

Pamela Marshall

Ryan Matthews

Candice McKenna-Imlach

Richard McLeod

Eric Mercer

Martha Morrill

Doris Muirhead

David Nagle

Michael Nuesse

Elizabeth O’Flaherty

James O’Sullivan

Robert Pellegrini

Carole Phinney

Eric Price

Bruce Raphel

Jason Rawlins

Kevin Regan

Marie Reidy

Sean Reynolds

Janna Saad

Kellie Sanders

Rodney Schonland

Paul Silvia

Stacy Slauson

Kristopher Stefani

Diane Stewart

John Studley

Paul Sullivan

Gary Thomas

Steven Triffletti

Franklin Triffletti

Daniel Walsh

Paul Whelan

Jennifer White

Jonathan White

Gwynne Zisko


The Lawyer of the Day Program is administered by Pilgrim Advocates, Inc., 144 Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301.  Any attorney who wishes to take part in this extremely worthwhile program should contact Executive Director Jean Lee at (508)583-6966.

Members of the public who wish to utilize this invaluable service are advised to contact the courthouse in the morning after 8:30 a.m. to insure that an attorney will be present that day.  On occasion, an attorney’s schedule gets interrupted by critical demands on their time and they are unable to be present.  We are unable to guarantee that an attorney will be present each day.

Brockton courthouse (508) 897-5400

Plymouth courthouse (508) 747-6204