As a general rule, Motions can be marked for hearing in accordance with the Rules. We must have at least 5 days notice from the date of filing in order to schedule your Motion. When you mark a hearing, please note that you MUST provide the other party with the PLACE of hearing. Please check our specific calendars to make sure that your Judge will be available for your date and place.

Check below at the quick reference chart to see when the Judge will be hearing motions.

Emergency Motions are heard in both the Plymouth and Brockton locations Monday through Friday.

Click here for Calendars Posted

Judge’s Motion Days

Day Judge Boyle Judge Roberts Judge Stanton Judge Connelly Judge Meagher
Monday Motions
Tuesday  –  Motions – 
Wednesday Motions
Thursday Motions 

The above is the general rule, please check with the Motion Assignment Calendars Posted to make sure that your hearing Judge is hearing motions on the day you are marking your motion for.