Type of Case you might need to file

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Why you would file this type of case

Uncontested Divorce   Both parties agree to everything. Both parties need to sign ALL the papers and your case will be heard promptly.
Contested Divorce  Both parties do not agree on all matters or the other party just doesn’t want a divorce
Separate Support If you don’t want a divorce, however you need support for yourself and your children
Paternity If you want child support, custody or visitation for a child, and you were never married to the other parent AND Paternity is not established
Child Custody, Support or Visitation If you are not married to the other parent and would like the court to determine custody, support or visitation. Paternity has been established
Guardianship of a Minor Child  If a child is living with you, and you are not the parent, and you are caring for this child/children, then you will need to file a Guardianship
Adoption If you want to legally adopt a child or adult
Change of Name If you wish to change either your name or the name of a child living with you
Guardianship of an Incapacitated Person If a person has a Mental Illness, Mental Retardation or is physically incapacitated because of illness.
Voluntary Administration If a person dies with or without a will, – owning personal property having a value of not more than $25,000 (not counting the value of a motor vehicle) in his or her own name.
Conservatorship If someone is needed to manage the property of a minor or incapacitated person a conservator must be appointed.
Modification If you wish to change a Judgment, and circumstances have changed since that Judgment entered.
Contempt If a party has been ordered by the Court to do something, and they refuse to obey the Court Order or Judgment.